The growth rate of wind market The installation of wind turbines in the world has had a high pace in recent years. According to statistics published by WWEA, the global wind turbine market reached  a total capacity of 906 gigawatts in 2022  , enough to provide more than 9% of the world’s energy demand. Currently, […]

Thinking different to help decarbonization.

Wind turbine towers built from wooden modules made out of laminated veneer lumber. Manufacture processes of traditional steel wind turbine towers are high emitters of carbon. A Swedish wood technology company called Modvion proposes by switching to a wooden tower, these emissions can be lowered significantly and the material itself supports carbon storage. A wooden […]


Size evolution of windturbines

A race to build more giant and efficient turbines The offshore wind industry is witnessing a race to build more giant and efficient turbines as developers seek to lower costs and increase output. So does size really mattters? More giant turbines require fewer installations and less maintenance for the same capacity, making them more attractive […]

New Technologies for the inspection and internal repair of wind turbine blades

wind turbine blade inspeccion

The blades of a wind turbine are the largest one-piece composite structures built in the world, even larger than the wings of any aircraft. They undergo more than one billion load cycles during their operative life, thus making periodic inspection and maintenance essential to keep wind turbines in service. Without forgetting the inspection and internal […]