internal repair system

of wind blades

cyrus is a unique solution on the market,  which has been conceived to perform internal repair work on wind turbine blades.

Patent number blanco 1 Cyrus Internal Wind Blade Repair Robot


The CYRUS repair system is a remotely operated robot that has the capability to perform repairs inside the blades, in areas that are too large for human access.

The system has two modular assemblies, which are interchanged to allow milling and curing operations, which are controlled and monitored remotely from inside the gondola.

DSC 1118 1 Cyrus Internal Wind Blade Repair Robot
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internal repair system

of wind blades

The CYRUS repair system allows internal repairs to be made by removing damaged carbon layers and replacing layers with a carbon prepreg specific for this application.

The process begins with an identification of the area to be repaired, carried out by means of an inspection with our system. nemo. In this inspection, the exact area where the damage is located, as well as the dimensions and extent of the damage, are located and transferred to the repair system, so that it can carry out the planned machining.

Once the machining process is completed, the operator will remove the equipment, turn the shovel and reinsert the two wagons together with the central curing module.

The curing process takes approximately 4 hours, during which we perform extremely precise heating curves. We monitor and record the parameters of this process at all times in order to have complete traceability of the repair performed.

Robust structure

Lifting system by means of robust scissors, which allow a wide working range.

Compression system

Automatic adjustment for perfect adaptability on any surface

Ease of transportation

Cyrus features customized carrying cases and ease of assembly in confined spaces

Total control

With a customized system, Cyrus moves and operates with pinpoint accuracy.

Surface mapping

Automatic leveling for a perfect finish at the milling stage

Tailor-made software

User-friendly interface to shorten the operator's learning curve

Curing module

Cyrus features temperature control and monitoring system for perfect adhesion of materials

Remote assistance

Ability to control and monitor the equipment from anywhere in the world

Cost reduction

Cyrus reduces the economic impact of a traditional repair and eliminates risks for operators.

internal repair system


cyrus robot de reparación interna de palas eólicas


internal repair system for wind blades

Contact us to explain us which is the problem with your shovel. We will let you know what information we need in order to prepare an estimate of our repair service.

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